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About Us (Who We ARE NOT) From thought to realization

In mid-2015 we realized that there was a great distance between the big luxury manufacturers who offer models that are too expensive because of all the steps that the traditional production chain wants for design products that are not up to quality lovers. At first, it wasn’t easy the determination was such and we start working with small artisans hidden in our beloved Rome. Our goal was born from strengthening the brand of “Made in Italy” through its characteristics: the tradition of high quality craftsmanship. We are lovers for those who want to follow a distinct style and personalized timeless and gives value to tradition to the know-how transmitted by a family of creatives able to make bags by hand that last over the years why create with that passion and Italian knowledge of the past. Each accessory is born from the thought to the realization We are inspired by the traditional Italian trend guidelines bringing our meticulous attention to detail: from the shapes to the choice of models and materials. We believe that high quality can be accessible to all. We have chosen exclusive Internet Generation sales channels to keep up with the times and reach people all over the world. Today our greatest satisfaction remains that of working with people who otherwise would not have been able to continue working in Rome the master craftsmen crushed by a globalized planet because the distribution suffocates them. We are them and their stories continue to be told. To you This part of the story is dedicated to you where you visit our sales site. From the shape of your ideas we create unique products for you. We believe that the bag is the most important accessory on a woman’s day. They are never chosen by chance because they are indispensable life companions. Who we are NOT: We don’t sell smoke in your eyes. Cinzia Silveri is the founder and CEO of Ganza Roma.

Our materials

Our production materials are certified Made in Italy by national tanneries and the leather used is obtained from the skin of animals bred and used for food purposes.
The Italian Tanning Factory is historically considered a world leader for the remarkable development of production and quality, the Italian product is unparalleled considered the first in the world.

Some types of skins that we use:
• Leather of bovine origin
• Skin of Ovicaprini
• Fish skins
The grain or full grain leather is a leather of the highest quality
Hammered leather called DOLLARO: This type of leather has a rather thick texture of calfskin that is applied to the full grain. It is a soft, trendy Italian leather.

LE NAPPE: Nappa leather is a very soft and soft type of leather called (full grain aniline leather).

VACCHETTA: A type of light leather and its characteristic over time tends to darken

ANGUILLA SKIN: brilliant and delicate in appearance but very resistant

STINGRAY: Also known as Galuchat is known and used since the year 700,
this type of skin has a high resistance and can last over time.


Ortensia Hazelnut


Gli accessori e le borse in pelle di Ganza Roma sono pezzi unici e possono essere personalizzati: dalla Capitale vanno in tutta Europa grazie alla vetrina Made in Italy di Amazon.
Milano, 24 giugno 2019 – Una passione trasformata in un’attività imprenditoriale di successo: un piccolo laboratorio romano di pelle esporta in tutta Europa grazie all’alta qualità dei prodotti e alla dedizione della sua fondatrice …

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